Ouray Food Program Changes 2021-22

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Ouray School to make many changes in the interest of health and public safety, and the school was successfullly open for the entire school year. One of the major changes was reduced use of the cafeteria with many meals in grades K-8 served in the classroom. This change required new equipment for the delivery of hot breakfast and lunches as well as food boxes. Material costs and availability limited Ouray School to using styrofoam containers and disposable platewear. While this was not pleasing to many staff and students, it was a necessary response.
Moving forward, the following changes will take place with the Food Service Program for 2021-22.
  • Breakfasts will still be served in classrooms to maximize student use of the free food program;
  • Materials for breakfast will be environmentally friendly;
  • No styrofoam boxes will be used;
  • Lunches for all students will be served in the cafeteria on reusable trays;
  • Students will be allowed some latittude in food choice to avoid waste.
The administration would like to thank the middle school students, specifically the 6th grade class, for their work in organizing a petition against the use of styrofoam that included key facts and figures and nearly 250 signatures from Ouray and beyond.