Remote Learning Supports for Students in Isolation & Quarantine

Ouray School is working to integrate the recent changes in CDC and CDPHE guidelines for quarantine and positive case isolation while dealing with a county surge in cases affecting school attendance. With these guidelines, students and staff will likely spend much less time out of class.
Remote Supports for Learning
Ouray School will continue with in-person learning and will not provide separate online learning coursework for students in quarantine or isolation. However, teachers will support one or more of the following remote supports.
  • Continued work on Schoology or Seesaw activities and assignments
  • Video link into classrooms to observe instruction. Established links may be found in Seesaw or Schoology.
  • Packet work
Parent Communication
Please reach out to the office and then directly to teachers when you know that your child will have to be out of school. This important step gives the teacher as much time as possible to be prepared. In some cases, it may be required that the student wait a day to access class or for the parent to pick up work at school. Teachers are dedicated to our students, but it does take time to prepare classrooms.
Student and staff health are our primary concerns, and parents should contact the office if their child is too ill and needs to recover before returning to school or school work.. During these challenging times, the school board has approved a resolution for alternative ways to be marked present in classrooms.
  • Presence during live video-based instruction;
  • Assignments completed at home;
  • Logging into the online learning platform and completing a task;
  • Student demonstration of learning, including packet completion; or
  • Responding to teacher emails or communication.
Please see the board resolution linked at the bottom of this post.