Ouray School Lockdown Drill - March 22

Ouray School joins most schools in Colorado in following the Standard Response Protocol for all emergency situations. We collaborate with our emergency responders to align communication and response actions for a variety of response situations.
This month, Ouray School will be conducting a semi-annual Lockdown Drill. The drill will simulate staff and student response to verbal command and provide administration and law enforcement the opportunity to review building safety and to provide feedback. Classes will return to teaching and learning as soon as they are cleared, and the entire school will return to normal operation when all rooms have been checked and cleared. During this time, no visitors may enter or leave the building.
For students, the drill focuses on listening to trusted adults and talking about safety. They also get to connect with local law enforcement for feedback. Students and staff will not be talking about specific active shooter scenarios.
Please see the resources below for parents from the Standard Response Protocol. Reach out to the school principal if you have questions.