Ouray School Lockdown Drill - October 18th

Dear Ouray School Community, 
On October 18th, in partnership with the Ouray Police and Sheriff's Department, we will be conducting our semi-annual lockdown drill. The drill will be announced to all students and teachers prior to the exercise. The goal is to take this opportunity to practice classroom readiness and to have students practice following the guidance of adults in an emergency. It is not the intent to simulate or discuss active shooter scenarios. We want each drill to be used as a learning experience for everyone involved. It is also important to to us that we limit instructional interruptions. All classes will return to learning as soon as their room is cleared. During this time we will not be letting visitors in or out of the building until all rooms have been cleared. 
We are including resources for your review below. 
Standard Reponses Protocol: English | Spanish 
General information regarding Ouray School Safety: here 
If you have any questions feel free to contact Mr. Lokey or Mr. Nelson at 970-325-4505.