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Students who have unavoidable appointments during the school day must bring a note from their parents/guardian to the office prior to leaving the building. Students MUST check out of school when leaving during the school day and check in upon returning. The office staff will maintain the records of these departures and returns. Students failing to check out and check in will be given unexcused absences. Parents/guardians must notify the school (note, phone, or email) as soon as possible when their child is absent and state the reason for the absence. Please use the primary office phone number (970-325-4505) or email for reporting a student absent.

NEW for 2021-22! Prearranged Absences

If a student anticipates an absence of more than one (1) day, the student should have their parent or guardian complete the district’s “Request for Excused or Prearranged Absence Form” and return it to the office at least seven (7) days in advance. A prearranged absence does not indicate approval, only that the school has been notified. It is the student’s responsibility to make up all the work according to the make-up work policy. Prearranged absences not approved by the administration are subject to attendance penalties.

Excused Absences

The following shall be considered excused absences:

  1. A student who is temporarily ill or injured or whose absence is approved by the administrator of the school of attendance, including bereavement, on a prearranged basis. Prearranged absences shall be approved for appointments or circumstances of a serious nature which cannot be taken care of outside of school hours.
  2. A student who is absent for an extended period due to physical, mental or emotional disability with approval by the administration.
  3. A student who is pursuing a work-study program under the supervision of the school.
  4. A student who is attending any school-sponsored activity or activities of an educational nature with advance approval by the administration.
  5. A student who is suspended or expelled.
  6. Student whose absence is permitted pursuant to C.R.S. 22-33-104(2).

The school will determine whether an absence is excused or not. State law also allows for some discretion upon the determination by the administrator. The district may request documentation to excuse an absence.

School Communication for Absent Students

The school will inform parents/guardians either by phone or in writing when their student(s) have an unexcused absence or an accumulation of absences warranting concern. The initial notices are not meant to impose action or consequences; rather they are intended to share information and validate potential concerns.

  • When a student has accumulated five (5) absences for any one class within a semester the principal's designee shall make contact home.
  • When a student has accumulated five (5) absences for any one class in a semester, the attendance office will mail out an attendance notice, through certified mail, detailing the concern and outlining next steps.A copy of the letter will be submitted to the counselor. The counselor will arrange a follow up meeting with the student regarding their attendance.
  • When a student has accumulated seven (7) absences from any one class in a semester, a second letter will be sent out requesting a conference with the parents/guardian(s), student, and counselor, and/or principal. At this conference, the student will be placed on an attendance contract or attendance plan.
  • When a student has accumulated a total of 20 absences, defined as missing more than half of the academic day, for the school year, either excused or unexcused, the attendance office will mail a letter determining a “chronic absenteeism” status. At this point, the principal will call a meeting to discuss the student’s attendance and academic plan.