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The primary goal of Ouray School District is to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff and focus on continued success with in-person learning with as few barriers as possible. We will work to provide a healthy and safe environment based on up-to-date scientific data with the flexibility to make changes to support our goal to maximize in-person learning while reducing risk. The following guidance is built on the most current guidelines and conditions, but these may change. Public health guidelines may alter in response to new conditions including new variants of COVID-19.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Providing a safe working and learning environment.
  2. Providing high quality in-person instruction with adaptability for emergency situations.
  3. Providing support for the social and emotional needs of staff and students.

Expanded Learning Opportunities

School will look more normal for all students this year. Here are some highlights from our school operations plan, which will be available next week during registration..

  • Classroom rugs and materials in elementary rooms
  • Elementary students will have electives in enrichment classrooms
  • All grades will use the lunchroom with increased outdoor seating
  • Locker use for all grade levels
  • Increased electives for all secondary students
  • Full course schedule for high school
  • Increased capacity on school transportation 
  • Student travel opportunities will return
  • Visitors allowed in classrooms, including parent presentations
  • Classroom volunteers allowed if vaccinated
  • Clubs and organizations may meet in-person across grade levels
  • Expanded audience participation for school events

Metrics for Restrictions

Ouray School is currently using two metrics in partnership with OCPH when considering restrictions.
  • County and region transmission rate
  • School and county vaccination rate for teens
Moving forward, Ouray School will introduce or relax restrictions to ensure that students get to stay in-person without risk of quarantine. Three factors that can protect students from quarantine regardless of vaccination status include:
  • staff and student mask wearing;
  • school vaccination levels at 80%* or above; or
  • weekly serial COVID-19 testing
*Revised by CDPHE in September, 2021
If the teen vaccination rate meets the above criteria, then masks become optional in classrooms for staff and students of that school group (elementar, middle, or high).

Current Vaccination Rates

Ouray School staff is 97% vaccinated, and unvaccinated staff are all under medical advisement. Further, all student-facing staff (teachers) are 100% vaccinated. Below are current vaccination rates by school.
  Elementary (K-4) Middle (5-8) High (9-12)
Teachers 100% 100% 100%
Students 0% 29.5%
(64.3% of eligible)
Total 13.6% 41.1% 87%
Revised 10/03/21