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School Safety

Ouray School District is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our staff and students during school hours and school sponsored activities. The school takes safety as its number one priority, because students and staff require safety as a foundation before learning can take place. Ouray School collaborates with local law enforcement and emergency services to ensure that this happens.
In our 2021-22 climate surveys, staff and parents rated school and community safety as the school's highest attribute.

See Something Say Something

It takes everyone to keep our community safe. Everyone is encouraged to be alert and vigilant. If you hear of a possible threat or see something out of the ordinary, immediately contact your school administrator or local law enforcement. Report a non-threatening emergency such as vandalism, a broken water line or suspicious activity as well.
Ouray School Office: (970) 325-4505
Ouray Police Department: (970) 325-7068
Ouray County Sheriff Department : (970) 325-7272
Ouray County Public Health: (970) 325-4670



Standard Response Protocol logo

Reporting Services:
Safe2Tell (1-877-542-7233): Safe2Tell is Colorado’s anonymous reporting system. Tips can be
reported by anyone worried about the safety of another.
CO4Kids Hotline
● Suicide Prevention Hotline - Dial 988
Center for Mental Health 24hr Hotline - (970) 252-6220

Standard Response Protocol

Ouray School District utilizes the Standard Response Protocol from the "I Love U Guys" Foundation. Both county school districts coordinate with regional law enforcement to be familiar with response language, response behavior, and the incident command system.
The following actions are used, based upon the required response level:
  • Hold! - In your room or area. Clear the halls.
  • Secure! -Get inside. Lock outside doors
  • Lockdown! - Locks, lights, Out of Sight.
  • Evacuate! “To a location”
  • Shelter! - “State the hazard and safety strategy”

Threat Assessment and Suicide Prevention

Ouray School District, along with its partners in the UnBOCES region and Montrose School District, use the Salem-Keizer model for responding to threats to the school (student and staff safety) as well as suicide prevention. Please see the brochure provided by the the UnBOCES that describes these program.

Anti-Bullying Programs and Social Emotional Education

Our school community is committed to making our school a safe and caring place for all students. We will treat each other with respect, and we will strive to prevent bullying of any kind at our school. Ouray School utilizes two programs to develop strong interpersonal skills and instruct students how to identify and respond to bullying.
  • Second Step. Elementary students have weekly lessons in social emotional learning skills that include identifying and responding to bullying.
  • Expect Respect. Secondary students follow a specific model for how to treat one another and responding to issues.